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There are three ways we can help you build a successful career in luxury yachting:

Get your first job on a superyacht, quickly and easily!

This track is geared towards people who want to land their first job in the yachting industry.

We help you:

  • Decide if yachting is right for you
  • Prepare a killer CV
  • Get your first job!
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Improve the role you have, or land a better one.

This track is for experienced crew who want more in life: a better role or even a career beyond yachting.

We help you:

  • Accelerate your progression
  • Get better jobs and higher pay
  • Create an exit strategy
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Become the kind of leader great crew want to follow.

This track is for senior crew who want the security of establishing an outstanding industry reputation.

We help you:

  • Reinforce your leadership image
  • Reduce crew hassles
  • Improve work/life balance
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A world of information about luxury yachting at your fingertips

What People Say About Us

Not really knowing what to expect from the day, I quickly realised that this was going to be as much a self discovery day as it was a career development exercise. What I gained was instant access to tools and information to help me both further my personal development and also to use in the work place to help me better perform as a team member and also team leader. I take away from it a keen desire to build on my strengths but also to develop my weakness into strengths after recognising them both and understanding where they may lie. I have been inspired to work towards the goals I have set, with clear objectives for the future, and everything is a lot clearer.
Adam B, Chief Officer, 42m Motor Yacht
I asked Alison’s advice for my professional development and for some issues that I was dealing with. We analysed my goals and how I could achieve those and she really helped me out with other managerial issues that I was facing. The result was that I managed to overcome various situations with very good results and the best of all is that I found a great new job, which is what I was looking for and I am very happy about that. Alison is a person with great leadership skills, reliable and consistent. She has great knowledge of yachting and most importantly she has a very effective way of passing on her experience and ideas to you. She is a very friendly person and this is how she will approach you and make you feel comfortable. She is there for you and helps you out the best way she can. I can highly recommend Alison’s private coaching to you!
Apostolos Katsirintakis, Chief Officer, 60m Motor Yacht
I just wanted to express my sincerest thanks for the quality and fantastic service that you provided to me in regard to CV advice, interview techniques and private coaching, as I got the job! I am now Captain of a brand new Azimut and it is quite honestly one of the most beautiful yachts imaginable. The owner and family are charming and this is my dream job. Alison, I have truly died and gone to heaven!!! All of this is down to your capable help, guidance and assistance and I have no doubt whatsoever in my mind that this would not have happened without you. My investment in your services has been repaid manyfold by enabling me to start earning and stop spending much earlier than I would have done otherwise, and I have no hesitation in recommending your services to crew wanting to get ahead of the competition and find the job they want at the earliest opportunity.
Aaron Lubrani, Captain
As a Captain two of the key components to our job is risk and people management. We are trained extensively to deal with the first as part of the mandatory career path set out by the MCA, USCG, etc, however training in the latter component is really lacking within the industry. Its importance cannot be underestimated and these are the first steps toward building successful teams that give and get the most out of yachting. This has been an inspirational and motivating day. Thanks to Alison for looking to the future of yachting!
RG, Captain

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